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The Klimataria fish restaurant menu emphasises the use of fresh seafood and other seasonal ingredients for our dishes. Therefore, our menu varies according to what is fresh in the local Corfiot market at any given time. Of course, you may always preorder in time the fish or local speciality of your desire, so that we may have an opportunity to search for it and have it ready for you to enjoy upon your visit.

We suggest the following:

  • kolokythokeftedes (courgette balls)
  • xtapodi ksidato (finely sliced boiled octopus with vinegar, lemon juice, parsley and olive oil)
  • psari bianco (fish in a lemon, garlic and olive oil stew, also called fish Bianco)
  • gavros marinatos (fresh anchovies marinated in lemon juice, with garlic, olive oil and parsley).
  • psari bourdeto (fish in a spicy red tomato sauce). This is Nico's speciality!

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